Marine & Oakmoss Room Spray


. Where the forest meets the sea

A breezy scent of marine and oakmoss that evokes relaxed days by the sea; with light notes of geranium grounded by clove.

Spritz in the bedroom, the bathroom or living room.

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Earthy and woody, oakmoss flourishes only in unpolluted air. It contains sensual hints of musk reminiscent of a forest floor, and is sourced from oaks throughout Europe and North Africa.


Just as our scents emerge from the earth; so too should our products return naturally back to it. We are committed to sustainable practices wherever possible. Our room spray bottles are made right here in Australia from recycled plastic, in a carbon neutral plastic factory.

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125 ml bottle


Shake gently before use. Spray into the air and allow a moment for the scent to infuse the room. Avoid spraying directly onto people, fabric or furniture. Can be used as often as desired.