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Scent marketing is the ultimate expression of a brand, and can forge the deepest connection with a customer or client.

Michael Fermanis Founder & CEO 5 Elements Air

Our history

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5 Elements Air is one of the original Australian-based scent marketing companies. It was established more than a decade ago by Michael Fermanis.

Michael had previously owned fashion stores in the city of Melbourne. His retail experience gave him a close affinity for customers – their interests, tastes, needs, and buying habits.

Having tried and tested traditional sales techniques to attract customers, Michael was curious to explore what more could be done to express brand identity and inspire brand loyalty. He left the fashion world and began working in a new arena: fragrance.

Realising that a brand could be immersive, experiential and not just seen but felt, and noticing that the powerful sense of smell was left out of the marketing mix, 5 Elements Air was born.

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Hotels, commercial and retail

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Based in Melbourne, Australia, we create scents locally and throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Let us design your bespoke fragrance, and become part of our story.