Our process

safe and eco-friendly

All our fragrances are pure, safe and allergy-free. They comply with strict international legislation and are produced using sound environmental practices.

A trusted source

5 Elements Air works alongside a world-leading perfume manufacturer, with over 30 years of fragrance experience.

Our manufacturer is a member of the global fragrance associations IFEAT and IFRA.

A safe system

5 Elements Air works with you to determine the best method of scent dispersal.

This can range from portable air units for smaller areas to large air units that diffuse fragrances through HVAC systems.

All our systems are safe, reliable, environmentally friendly and low-maintenance; if it wasn’t for the beautiful aroma you wouldn’t know they were there.

Local production

Your bespoke scent is produced locally in Australia.

We source our fragrances from around the world, including unique ingredients that may only grow in particular regions. This enables us to produce a custom scent that matches your unique brand personality.

Purity & sustainability

a natural cycle

Just as our scents emerge from the earth; so too should our our products return naturally back to it. We are committed to sustainable practices wherever possible. Our room spray bottles are made right here in Australia from recycled plastic, in a carbon neutral plastic factory.

Your bespoke scent

room sprays, candles & more

If you own or manage a hotel, casino, retail store, health studio, aged care facility, or any other business, 5 Elements Air can create a scent for you.

Your business is unique and the fragrance you use should be too. That’s why we will work with you to create a customised scent to support and compliment your brand, target audience, key messages and goals.

We also provide bespoke room solutions infused with your signature scent, such as room sprays and candles.

Discover your unique brand scent
Based in Melbourne, Australia, we create scents locally and throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Let us design your bespoke fragrance, and capture the spirit of scent.