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Of all the senses, the most potent is the fifth: spirit. Elusive, it hints at the possibility of adventure. Intangible, it hovers at the edge of awareness. Powerful, it imprints upon memory. Design a unique scent that captures the spirit of your brand, and make a lasting impact on your customers.

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5 Elements Air is the creator of sensory brand portfolios. In collaboration with you and your team, we design signature ambient scents and complimentary scent products.

Hotels, retail, commercial and boutique businesses choose brand scents to connect closely with customers, and elevate them above the competition.

The science of scent marketing

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Remember the moment a scent triggered a special memory or deep emotion? A place, a person, a feeling? Your sense of smell influences behaviour, memory and emotions. In fact, it’s the most developed of the senses.

Brand scent is one of the most subtle yet powerful tools to establish a connection with customers and clients. Scent marketing is a compelling component of brand identity and values – in essence it is your olfactory logo.

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Based in Melbourne, Australia, we create scents locally and throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Let us design your bespoke scent, and become part of our story.