5 Elements – the science of scent marketing

Have you ever walked into a space and been captivated by a scent? Has a scent triggered a special memory or emotion?

The sense of smell is in fact the most developed of our senses – it instinctively influences our behaviour, memory and emotions. Studies show that we remember 1% of what we touch, 2% of what we hear, 5% of what we see, 15% of what we taste and 35% of what we smell.

Scent Marketing is one of the most powerful yet most subtle strategic tools that a company can employ in heightening its brand identity, attributes, recognition and values – in essence defining a company’s olfactory logo. It completes the considered design intent of your space or environment and is the first and last impression your customers will have.


Summer Rain

The sense of smell is one of 5 senses, yet it’s the one that’s often neglected by businesses who are trying to attract and retain customers. Unleash the science of scent marketing in your business.